Technology Social serving smart communities

Social technology and smart communities: what is the state of the art? To take stock of the situation the HITECH, Puglia Technological District, organizes on April 22, 2015, from 9:30 to 16:00, a workday on the theme of Innovation. The event will be held at the hall “Maria d’Enghien” the castle of Charles V.
This event will be held for three important reasons: the end of the project PON R & C Puglia @ Service, the launch of the innovative startups beMINT and the launch of the ICT Strategic Plan 2020, that will see the DHITECH protagonist in the sector in the coming years.
The workday wants to share the outcomes of its projects with the citizens. The participation of Gartner Inc., a US leader in consulting and research specialist in the field of innovation, will be extremely relevant. The title of the Day, “The Social Technology serving smart communities “, leaves room for many interventions, workshops and debates enhanced by Andrea Di Maio, vice president of the Public Sector in Gartner Research, and Greg Delaune, CEO and founder of UIX Global, counseling agency for economic development based in Berkeley